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Feet Retreat
Soften and smooth skin with luxurious and natural spa
treatments that renew and replenish with pure
essential oils and nourishing botanicals.
Lovely Locks
Gentle yet effective pH balanced shampoo
for individual hair care needs to strengthen,
soften and add shine. Nourishing hair
conditioner packed with natural botanicals
to soften, detangle and add shine.
Skin Solutions
Our assortment answers a variety of skin care
needs. Non greasy, always fast absorbing, you
will love how silky soft and youthful your skin
feels and looks! May be custom-scented.
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8.  Elements
9.  Mystic
10. China Lily
Suds To Savor
These colorful, extra rich and natural shower
gel  offer an extra luxurious bathing
experience. Rich in nourishing phyto-nutrients,
gentle cleansers, and naturally hydrating
glycerin, you'll love how these bulk shower gel
formulas leave skin ultra soft and silky.
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Amber Sunset
A rich, warm and intense amber opens this
magnificent perfume oil, enticing your nose with
its soft, golden depths. Several delicate spices
lay on a reserved bed of creamy vanilla
. Mysterious and utterly captivating.
Coco Mango
A tropical delight. The aroma of a fresh
coconuts and rich juicy red mangos. A
delightfully sweet and strong fragrance oil.
Beachy Coconut
Imagine you're on a tropical beach
and you've just cracked open a ripe
coconut. It's a pure, sweet scent for
the coconut lover in all of us.
Honeydew Melon
A decadent, juicy honeydew melon
fragrance. Light and refreshing. Top
notes of sweet peach, melon with
nuances of juicy berries. Heart notes
of pineapple leading to powder at the
Maui Ginger
Sunny and happy, this vibrant and uplifting
fragrance combines notes of sparkling red
ginger with sweet Hawaiian jasmine and a
splash of sun-kissed citrus. Hints of amber and
sandalwood balance the bright top notes by
adding warmth and depth.