Behind The Scents
Take a moment to read about our scents.  
For your convenience,
we grouped them into the families they belong.

Maybe you'll discover your new favorite scent.  
Combine scents to create your own personal fragrance!
Woodsy Family
Floral Family
Rose, Ylang Ylang, Geranium
and Mimosa, all known to
inspire euphoria, bliss, and
ardor, create a warm glow of
romance. Love is in the air!
Beautiful, aromatic,
and effective, this
natural essential oil
offers not only a
lovely, fresh, floral
scent, but is also
as it both calms and
uplifts the spirit, while
soothing and
balancing the skin.
China Lily
A blend of our ever-popular
China Musk with top notes of
fresh air and Lily of the Valley
and a heart
of delicate Jasmine and spicy
Fresh and fragrant like
a spring day!
China Rain
Fleeting green top notes
surround a heart of fresh
white Lilies and Chinese
roses, while clean musk
and soft hints of Sandalwood
and moss create a sensual,
soft, powdery finish.
A classic in French
perfumery, this soft,
romantic, single note
floral captures the
scent of the delicate
white Lily of the Valley
blooming in the fields
of Europe.
This flattering floral fragrance
is a member of the Plumeria
This exquisite and
authentic Jasmine
accord is gently
highlighted with
accents of Tuberose,
musk,and fresh
greens. An island
escape in a bottle!
The queen of tropical flowers
reveals the exquisite aroma
of rich, velvety Gardenia
accords highlighted by fresh
green leaves and softened
with hints of creamy vanilla.
Paradise awaits with
this true-to-life aroma
of creamy Plumeria
blossoms accented by
tropical notes of
Tuberose and Ylang
Ylang, and spicy hints
of Clove and Vanilla.
The beauty and romance of
the tropics is captured in this
intoxicating medley of
bursting Hibiscus flower
and the succulent nectar of
exotic Passion Fruit. Bask in
the fragrant beauty of this
luscious scent and be
transported to paradise!
A classic, sparkling
blend of fresh greens
dominated by Lily of
the Valley, perfectly
balanced with
undertones of clean
musk and precious
These delicate blossoms are
fresh, clean, and slightly
Rose Winds
A traditional, yet fresh,
single note floral that
captures the essence
of love and romance.
From far off lands, this night
blooming fragrance is both
exotic and familiar, offering
romance and character.
Sweet Pea
A powdery background
is highlighted by a
lively blend of Lilac
and green Lily of the
Valley, topped
with the sweetness of
Heliotrope. Sweet as a
country garden in full
Lily of the
A romantic and delicate scent
that combines an exquisite
heart of Lily with fresh citrus
top notes of
Bergamot and Lemon, and a
soft base of warm musk.
Tea Rose
The scent of these
simple, delicate, and
elegant blossoms is
captured with fresh
aldehyde and
fresh green top
notes,blended with
aromatic Rose, Lily of
the Valley
and tea accords,
softened with
Sandalwood and musk.
You'll love the way you smell
in this alluring fragrance...but
don't worry, we won't call you
Exotic and enticing;
tropical and tempting.
The fresh fragrance of the outdoors.  Aroma therapeutic
uses: Bronchitis, catarrh, acne and arthritis
Forest Rain
Earthy, green and fresh! Herbaceous and citrus notes top a
rich floral heart of Jasmine
and Hyacinth with a base of Oriental musk and precious
This essential oil is both a physical and mental stimulant,
which makes it a good oil to have in a morning bath, while
also being excellent in the treatment of all muscular
conditions, making it the perfect oil for a bath after a long
tiring day.  This antiseptic is used in the treatment of
muscular sprains, arthritis, rheumatism, depression,
fatigue,memory loss, headaches, diabetes etc.  All this, and
it smells incredible too!
Tea Tree*
From the Australian eucalyptus tree, this aromatic oil has
long been used as an anti-bacterial and
anti-fungal treatment.
White Pearl
A sparkle of citrus fruits combined with a hint of pine
needle and eucalyptus, against a background
of soft cedarwood and musk.  Sweet jasmine and bright lily
add elegance and grace.