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Do  you love China Musk, China Rain,
Rain, Egyptian Musk, or Patchouli?
Now your home can smell like one of these,
or any of your favorite Common Scents
It's too good to be true!!
Home Fragrance Diffuser Reeds
Common Scent's Diffuser Reeds are made with natural reed, a large grass native to wetland areas whose porous interior is known to effectively diffuse fragrance oils. Each is 12" long, 3mm in diameter and contains 20 or more individual cellular sections that run from its top to bottom and draw the fragrance up to the service, releasing the aroma into the air naturally. Use 10 reeds in the perfume dispensing bottle to create the diffuser. Insert sticks into oil filled bottle, and turn over once to expose the oil-moistened sticks into the air. The fragrant oil will continue to travel up the reeds and scent the room for several months. You can flip reeds occasionally to refresh scent.
Packed 10 per bag
Perfume Oil
1 OZ
If you wish to order a different
size, please visit our
Fragrance Bar page.
For complete descriptions of
our fragrances please visit our
Behind the Scents page!
Fragrance of the Month
1 OZ
Diffuser Oil Diluent
The diluent oil is designed to be mixed with our perfume oils for use with the diffuser reeds. It is specially designed to make the oil easier to wick and help it last much longer. We recommend that you make a mix that is 4 parts Diluent oil to 1 part perfume oil. We sell the Diluent in a 4 oz bottle. This new oil works better and is less expensive than the organic jojoba oil that we use to offer.
Home Fragrance Reeds Gift Pac
Everything you need to get started! Set includes one eight ounce dispensing bottle, one four ounce bottle of organic jojoba carrier oil, one pack of ten reeds, one ounce of perfume oil in the fragrance of your choice and a complete set of directions. Comes all wrapped up in cellophane and ribbon.
8 OZ Dispensing Bottle
Common Scent's 8 OZ Clear dispensing bottle is the perfect size to display your aromatic reeds.
A beautiful flame-free way to
fragrance your home, office
school dorm etc.
Square Diffuser Bottle
This brand new square glass diffuser bottle includes a wooden stopper top with a plastic insert. The plastic insert can be used to reseal bottle. Very convenient for when you want to switch out fragrances!
Reed diffusers release a
refreshing fragrance for
months at a time .
Fragrance Lamp
This Fragrance Lamp is designed to scent your home with a revitalizing aromatic scent. This lamp can be plugged in any room and, unlike candle based oil burner, it does not require the use of flame. You will also be control of the amount of aroma you want in the room by using the dimmer to adjust the halogen light. You can brighten the light if you want a strong stimulating aroma or dim the light for a soft and pleasant aroma. This Fragrance Lamp can also be used as a nightlight, setting peaceful environment as you enjoy the relaxing aroma.