Fragrances S- V
Denotes Fragrance in
Retirement. Available as
supplies last.
Denotes Natural
Essential Oil
Denotes specialty
blend exclusive to
Earthy freshness and cool forest grees are created with notes of
crisp citrus, velvety mosses and herbaceous woods.
Sage & Eucalyptus
This herbal aroma cleverly combines fresh sage with invigorating
eucalyptus.  This therapeutic blend is fantastic in a bath & shower gel.
It clears the head and awakens the senses in your morning shower
without a medicinal smell.
Sequoyah Indian Musk
One of our strongest yet sweetest wood
derived fragrances.
Sheer Musk
Modern, sophisticated and fresh, this elegant sheer scent offers a
delicate fruity top note over an airy, light musk base.
Tea Rose
The scent of this simple, delicate, and elegant blossom is captured
with fresh aldehyde and fresh green top notes,blended with
aromatic Rose, Lily of the Valley and tea accords, softened with
Sandalwood and musk.
Strawberry Fields
You'll feel like you're walking through a field of ripe, aromatic
strawberries in the middle of summer. A hint of greenery and lustful,
ripe strawberries that will arouse your senses.
Fragrances W-Z
Vintage Cedar
An exceptional creation, reminiscent of classic perfumery, melds
fresh, balancing cedar and spruce essential oils, with precious
accords of calming geranium, lavendin, spirited orange, and
guiacwood. The finishing touch is bright hints hints of black
pepper. Great for women and men!