Step away from the ordinary with this exquisite, multi-layered fragrance. Sweet  
Oriental Amber is laced with the sensual aromas of musk  rose and sandalwood.
Fragrances N - R
Denotes Fragrance in
Retirement. Available as
supplies last.
Denotes Natural
Essential Oil
Denotes specialty
blend exclusive to
Nag Champa
Like the popular incense fragrance, is a favorite of devoted yogis thanks to its
shoothing notes of warm woods and resins, perfectly melded with exotic
New Exotic Patchouli
This fragrance was created based on the popularity of Original Exotic
Patchouli, hence the name "New".  We took the same recipe for the Original
Exotic Patchouli but substituted China Musk, another top selling fragrance and
came up with another winner! Try both & let us know which one is your fave!
A sharp, woody, intoxicating fragrance. This masculine scent possesses a
blend of leather, tobacco and greens with a patchouli hint.
Original Exotic Patchouli
The earthy scent of Patchouli essential oil is blended with Vanilla and Egyptian
Musk  to  lighten and sweeten a favorite essential oil. This very subtle, fresh and
slightly sweet    aroma  has a subtle perfume note with a seducing bottom note.   
If you like Patchouli, but find it too strong to wear  alone, then definitely try this top
seller! Worn by men and woman alike.
For thousands of years, this pure, natural and earthy essential oil has been and is still
used as a base for most perfume and essential oil blends .Appealing to both men and
women, Patchouli has been known for its calming, quieting, and aphrodisiac properties.
Patchouli Amber
Take the warmth and spiciness of amber and support it with the earthy richness
of patchouly  with a hint of warm vanilla to discover a deep and sultry fragrance.
Juicy pomegranate, berry and citrus combine with hints of jasmine
and musk to make this a very wearable fresh, fruity scent.
A classic, this sparkling blend of fresh greens is dominated by Lily of the Valley, then
perfectly balanced with undertones of clean musk and precious woods. One of our top
sellers and a must try!
Rose Winds
An amazingly true and romantic single note fragrance. Perfect, crisp
and delicate as fresh bouquets from a rose garden.
Ron's Bouquet
This masculine fragrance indulges the senses with sumptuous , floral heart
of jasmine and hyacinth, and luscious warm vanilla. Sandlewood and rose
combined with bergamot  evoke  feelings of passion.
Peppermint Stick
A fresh, and strong essential oil with a plethora of uses; treatment of inflammation,
nausea, indigestion, fevers, flatulence, headaches, migraine, liver problems, arthritis, and
also makes for a good, invigorating stimulant.
Oude Riche
Oud, the rarest of Indian wood resins, considered liquid gold, is the
most current fragrance trend. This warm aroma, with hints of smoke is
artfully blended with Eastern citrus including citron, bergamot and
neroli to make this intensely mysterious, yet wearable for both women
and men.
Fragrances S-V
Purple Rain
This luminous scent draws you in with its enticing top note of sweet Sicilian
orange, romantically laced with a heart of alluring jasmine, plus radiant
Spring blossoms- freesia, lilac, magnolia, peony and Tiare flower.
Inspired by the Greek Pomona, goddess of fruitful abundance, this
fragrance is a floral woody musk with top notes of lemon, green apple,
bellflower, lemon verbena and bergamot. Middle notes are white
jasmine, and damask rose. Base notes finish off this spectacular
fragrance with cedar bean, amber and sandlewood.