A warm, exotic medley of Vanilla,  Bergamot and Rose with a warm seduction of
honey amber, jasmine and violet with a rich sandalwood drydown.
Amber Sunset

A rich, warm and intense amber opens this magnificent perfume oil, enticing
your nose with its soft, golden depths. Several delicate spices lay on a
reserved bed of creamy vanilla. Mysterious and utterly captivating.

Angel's Kiss
This beautiful specialty blend  of white tea, fresh bergamot, freesia,
rose,                               jasmine and violet accords with highlights of sensual amber and
musk. It's in our top three of sellers and a must try!
This tantalizing, sophisticated fragrance inspired by DKNY's Be Delicious
features the refreshing aroma of mouth watering green apple and juicy grapefruit,
melded with a gorgeous bouquet of exquisitely fragrant fresh-cut flowers --
including the night blooming jasmine, romantic rose and freesia cyclamen.  
Sensual woods and white amber soften and add depth.  An uplifting, beautiful
scent for the free-spirited!
Beachy Coconut
Imagine you're on a tropical beach and you've just cracked open a
ripe coconut. It's a pure, sweet scent for the coconut lover in all of us.
Blue Musk
An exquisite scent, luminous and joyous artfully melding lively Sicilian citron, tart & juicy
Granny Smith apple, and the innocence of blue bells to create a feminine aroma that is
at once chic, sexy and intoxicating. The fragrance goes beyond beautiful to romantic
with notes of white jasmine, blue roses and the embrace of sheer musk. A versatile
personal scent from morning to night.
The fresh fragrance of the outdoors.  Aroma therapeutic uses: Bronchitis,
catarrh, acne and arthritis
China Berry

Add just a few drops of juicy, ripe strawberries  to a seductive musk base
and ooh la la, sexy sweetness!
Almond Cookie
Smells like pure almond extract for making cookies
China Lily
A blend of our ever-popular China Musk with top notes of fresh air and
Lily of the Valley and a heart of delicate Jasmine and spicy Hyacinth.
China Musk
A powder-fresh blend of sensual Light Musk and Chinese Rose, with traces of Vanilla
and Amber Spice, evoking a sexy-clean feeling. In the Top 3 of sellers!
China Rain
Our top seller since 1976! This classic fragrance never goes out of style! Fleeting
green top notes surround a heart of fresh white Lilies and Chinese roses, while
clean musk and soft hints of Sandalwood and moss create a sensual, soft,
powdery finish.
Coco Mango
A tropical delight. The aroma of a fresh coconuts and rich juicy red
mangos. A delightfully sweet and strong fragrance oil.
Sweet Strawberries and vanilla cream make this fragrance yummy as
cotton candy! Perfect scent for girls whom just wanna have fun!
Cucumber Lime
Fresh lime and juicy cucumber combine to create a crisp, refreshing scent,
ideal for bath care and men's products.
Cucumber Melon
The smell of fresh ripe cucumbers and sweet honeydew melon is rich
and fragrant. A very refreshing, summertime fragrance oil.
Dark Angel
A pure soft blend of floral and fruit notes are deepened with patchouli,
cedarwood, vanilla and caramel. A very enticing fragrance that will leave
you inhaling deeply for more!
Dark Kisses
This rendition is the ultimate in feminine sensuality .  Instantly envelope
yourself in the hypnotic scent of this daring, seductive and complex blend of
exotic berries & plums, combined with amber, Geranium Black Vanilla Beans,
Vetiver, Dark Musk and so much more. Whispers of forbidden primal love.
Fragrances A -D
Take a moment to read about our scents.  For
your convenience, we listed them by alphabetical
order. Maybe you'll discover your new favorite
scent.  Combine scents to create your own
personal fragrance!
Denotes Fragrance in
Retirement. Available
as supplies last.
Available on our
Clearance Page.
Denotes Natural
Essential Oil
Denotes specialty
blend exclusive to
Fragrances E - I
Black Amber Musk
An enchanting blend of black amber, clove, nutmeg and musk.
Dark Arabian Musk
A rich blend of precious woods
and floral top notes.
Black Ambrosia
This intoxicating unisex blend of opulent tobacco leaf, and crushed
cocoa beans is reminiscent of old Havana glamour. Creamy island
vanilla laced with natural oils of patchouli and Peruvian clove leaf
add a touch of spice and mystery to this gorgeous, bewitching
fragrance that won't leave you unaffected.
Brazilian Mist
A romantic  warm mist with luminous notes of peach, pear and freesia, a heart of elegant
rose, violet and muguet, and a sensuous finish of sandalwood, vanilla, and a clean, soft
musk.  Perfect for day or evening and one is sure to entice.        
Coco Sandalwood
Lush, warm notes of creamy coconut, rich
sandalwood and exotic white musk are artfully
blended. Sexy, rich and warm.  Great for men and
Arabian Sandalwood

Exotic, harmonious blends of delicate wood
notes with sweet musk and rich buttery vanilla