This essential oil is both a physical
and mental stimulant.   Excellent in
the treatment of all muscular
conditions, making it the perfect oil
for a bath after a long tiring day.  
This antiseptic is used in the
treatment of muscular sprains,
arthritis, rheumatism, depression,
fatigue,memory loss, headaches,
diabetes etc.  All this, and it smells
incredible too!
Tea Tree
From the Australian eucalyptus
tree, this aromatic oil has long
been used as an anti-bacterial
anti-fungal treatment. It also has
stimulant & antiseptic properties.
Vanilla Bean
A true vanilla bean sensation
is balanced with powdery
clean musk nuances,
enveloping the sweetness
and heightening its warm
Sweet juicy
vine-picked fruit
great on a hot
summer day.
Floral Family
Hibiscus Passion
The beauty and romance of
the tropics is captured in
this intoxicating medley of
bursting Hibiscus flower
and the succulent nectar of
exotic Passion Fruit. Bask
in the fragrant beauty of this
luscious scent and be
transported to paradise!
Lavender Mint
Clean. Fresh. Wholesome!
Think freshly laundered sheets
billowing in the spring breeze 'n
sun. The funny thing is this scent
doesn't smell like lavender or
mint but like a third magical
scent emerging from the
marriage of the two!! Lavender
Mint is the essence of clean!!
Pikake Bloom
This exquisite and
authentic Jasmine accord
is gently highlighted with
accents of Tuberose,
musk, and fresh greens.
An island escape in a
Paradise awaits with this
true-to-life aroma of
creamy Plumeria
blossoms accented by
tropical notes of
, Ylang Ylang,
and spicy hints of Clove
and Vanilla.
Sweet Pea
A powdery background is
highlighted by a lively blend of
Lilac and green Lily of the
Valley, topped
with the sweetness of
Heliotrope. Sweet as a country
garden in full bloom!
Tea Rose
The scent of this simple,
delicate, and elegant
blossom is captured with
fresh aldehyde and fresh
green top notes,blended
with aromatic Rose, Lily of
the Valley and tea accords,
softened with Sandalwood
and musk.
Hyacinth is a fresh,
white, clean, intense
floral, and the
quintessential scent of
White Pearl
A pure, simple, sophisticated
blend.  The enticing sparkle of
citrus fruits combines with a touch
of pine needle and eucalyptus,
against a backdrop of soft
cedarwood and musk. Sweet
jasmine and Muguet add elegance
and grace.