For My Sweetheart
Capture her heart by pampering her body! This gift set includes massage oil, a bar of glycerin soap, bath and shower gel, poof sponge, hydrating body spray and a roll-on bottle of one of our famous perfume oils in the fragrance of your choosing! Everything needed to escape the stresses of daily life, even if it's only for a few hours!
Diffuser Set with Tray
Everything you need to get started! Set includes one eight ounce square dispensing bottle, one four ounce bottle of diffuser oil diluent, one pack of ten reeds, one ounce of perfume oil in the fragrance of your choice and a complete set of directions all presented on a beutiful wood vanity tray with a glass insert that protects a natural burgendy leaf desighn. Easy to clean!
Musk Lovers Medley
Attention all Musk Lovers! This collection of Common Scents' top Musk fragrances is sure to please. Includes 1/8 OZ of Blue Musk, China Musk, Egyptian Musk, Light Musk, Mystic and Sheer Musk. Please visit our Behind the Scents page for a full description of each.